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Compensation & Benefits
Appreciating our employees spending their valued time and dedicated efforts on work, we give priority to maintenance of a sound body and mind on their part as well as commit ourselves to providing comprehensive benefits plans for our employees to achieve a work-life balance and to create new values in the workplace.


Recognition of excellence
◎ Above industry average remuneration 
◎ Bonus plans and project rewards 
◎ Patent recognition and rewards 
◎ Performance payment and Chinese festival grants paying 

Technologies, humanities, and happiness
◎ Bright, spacious working environment
◎ Subsidies for wedding and funeral, injury, and sickness
◎ Paid marriage, maternity, sick, and bereavement leave
◎ Optional benefit activities, among others, sport, gastronomy and cooking, 
 literature and art, and language learning
◎ Different kinds of activities and outdoor training regularly
◎ GIGA-BYTE products available to employees at discount prices

Health/medical benefits
◎ Annual physical examinations
◎ Statutory insurance requirements- labor insurance and national health insurance,
 retirement-pay found
◎ Group insurance policies, including life, accident, medical, and cancer insurance
◎ Business travel insurance

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